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With an established chain of dental practices in Singapore, DENTAL SURGEONS has garnered yet another feather in its cap with its opening of Asia’s leading premium boutique dental practice of its kind at the Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore, in 2010.

This beautiful set up offers the latest technologies in a modern-luxe meets timeless chic setting, and offers patients the coolest retreat to seek the most up to date smile makeovers. Boasting the latest technologies - such as the Cone Beam CT scanner for radiographs and dental scans – to state of the art décor, coupled with the skilled expertise of its range of specialists headed by DR. ERNEST REX TAN, DENTAL SURGEONS at Mandarin Gallery offers rewarding patient experiences, and has been hailed by both patients and foreign visitors as “the future of dentistry”.

“Taking Dentistry in Singapore to Yet Another Platform” is what its patients say about DENTAL SURGEONS at Mandarin Gallery.

Dental Surgeons was started in 1997 with the vision of making Singapore the Dental Hub of the region. The name, itself at that time was already an indication of a distinct and modern dental facility, and one that provided high quality dental care and services, and utilizing the latest techniques and state-of the art technology and facilities. This, amid a patient-friendly setup which will allay any fears of visiting the dentist at value for money charges.

Its main practice began operations at Suntec City Mall in 1997. The business model and the philosophy of providing value-added dental care was so well received that within a year, Smile Inc.â Dental Surgeons was invited to start a second practice at Forum Mall in 1998.* The setup at One Raffles Quay in 2007 was in response to its patients’ requests as their offices had moved to the new downtown, while the latest dental boutique concept was set up at Mandarin Gallery in 2010.

*Our practice at Forum Mall has since been relocated to Mandarin Gallery in 2010.

has developed many breakthrough systems and concepts that have caught the eye of the public and these have been featured in numerous publications.
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Dental Surgeons was the first dental practice in Singapore (and Asia (excluding Japan)) to offer the revolutionary chairside Laser Teeth Whitening technology in 1997, enabling patients to significantly whiten their teeth in just one visit to the dentist, a first never before possible. Till this day, Dental Surgeons remains the only practice in Singapore to employ this successful Laser Teeth Whitening technology.

The Laser Teeth Whitening procedure offered at by Dr. Ernest Rex Tan can remove stains up to 15 times whiter based on the VITA Shade Guide most dentists use. It can also remove Tetracycline stains caused by antibiotic consumption by patients or by their mothers. It is also focused on 1 teeth at a time, and offers precise delivery of the Laser Energy. There is also No Take Home Maintenance Kits required as compared to other arc, plasma light teeth whitening systems.
Dr. Ernest Rex Tan
had, through the growth of his cosmetic dental practice, the privilege of transforming and enhancing many of his patients’ smiles over the years. This involves the unique combination of artistry with cosmetic dental techniques to address the aesthetic concerns of the patient. Dr. Tan developed The Makeoverâ, a series of principles and cosmetic dental techniques that allows for a great outcome for each individual smile, leading to a significant impact on patients’ self image, confidence and quality of life.

Makeoverâ developed and employed by Dr. Ernest Rex Tan includes procedures INSTANT STRAIGHT WHITE TEETH and the SMILE LIFT.
The provisions of Aesthetic Implants and Implant Maintenance are new additions to ’s portfolio. Aesthetic dentistry requires the general oral soft and hard tissues to be stable and in good health. In addition, a sense of harmony or balance of the surrounding teeth and gums play a critical role in the overall success of the outcome. The appearance of a single or several missing teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and overall well-being, as well as in speech or even eating one’s favorite food as function and chewing are altered. Bone loss will also occur at the missing tooth/teeth areas. Adjacent and opposing teeth may shift or drift into the missing space, while some changes to one’s lip and facial contour may take place. These can be corrected with the Aesthetic Implants and Implants Maintenance packages by Drs. Ernest Rex Tan, Alvin Yeo, and Frank Lee.

The correction of a “gummy smile” – that is when one’s teeth appear too short or one’s smile is too gummy – is also a signature treatment offered at Dental Surgeons.

Other achievements by include being the earliest dental practice to fully computerise its operations from front office to backroom operations in Singapore, and one of the earliest to use hospital standard equipment in its sterilisation methods within a private practice setting in 1997. also set up the first of its kind “full-fledged kids themed based dental practice” at Forum Mall in 1998, and was met with resounding success from visits by families of both the local and expatriate population in Singapore and the region. The latest reconstructive and aesthetic practice at Mandarin Gallery is itself another achievement, pushing the envelopes in design and technologies by a dental practice.

has built up a reputation for providing good quality dental services and has earned the trust of its patients. During the SARs (Severe Acute Respiratory) outbreak in 2003-4, instead of facing dwindling numbers of patients, had an increase in patient numbers who felt that they could trust the high standards of sterilization that had been incorporated throughout the years of operation at

Since its inception, has always had the privilege of having overseas patients fly into Singapore specifically to have their dental treatment. Smile Inc.? believes that the high standards that they have set for the group and their continuous pursuit for progress, have earned the trust and reputation from its patients both in Singapore and the region.

Today, Dental Surgeons is a recognised name for good quality dental care, in particular, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry - serving the entire demographic of the population with a good proportion of international clientele. They span the gamut of families to CEOs and the society set. The only common denominator among our patients is their discernment for high standards. Smile Inc.? also firmly believes in continuous learning and application by its dental surgeons. Astute and prudent continuous assessment is a key thread that runs through the philosophy.

continues to build on its uniqueness and brand quality and continues to distinguish itself as the premier dental practice in Singapore. Our patients and the public are immediately able to distinguish the brand as the leader in cutting edge technologies and state of the art dental techniques and expertise. Our plans for growth will be to reinforce the brand throughout Singapore and the region, and to grow in terms of our expertise and our standing as the premier cosmetic dental practice in the region.
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