Straight White Teeth
The Straight White Teeth procedure by Dr. Ernest Rex Tan corrects Crooked, Misaligned, or Disproportionately Shaped Teeth, Gaps between Teeth, Protruded, Retruded or Collapsed Front Teeth. No Braces are required. There is No Surgery or Extraction of Teeth required. Neither is there a need for Retainers. There is no fear of Relapses. There are also No Oral Hygiene Problems associated with wearing braces, and is Stain Resistant.

A key feature in , Straight White Teeth is the advanced application of carefully designed cosmetic dental techniques to align and beautify - crooked, crowded, gaps between teeth and other forms of mal-aligned teeth. No surgery or extraction of teeth is required.

Who is Straight White Teeth for?
If you are an adult who is unhappy with your smile and the way your teeth look, but feel that wearing awkward braces for a number of years is too high a price to pay for straight teeth? Straight White Teeth may be the solution to your problem.

A whole new beautiful smile is created and severely crooked teeth straightened, whitened and shaped as opposed to years with traditional braces.

The benefits are improved confidence and self esteem which usually has a positive impact on your social and professional life.

What conditions can Straight White Teeth correct?
Straight White Teeth can be used to correct any one or a combination of the following:
Crooked/ Crowded Front Teeth
Gaps between Front Teeth
Protrusion of Front Teeth (Bucked Teeth appearence)
Rotated and Twisted Front Teeth
Disproportionately Sized Teeth eg: overly large central Incisors
Asymmetrical shaped teeth or Asymmetrically Positioned Teeth
Poorly Shaped Front Teeth
Sharp Fanged Front Teeth
Jagged and uneven Incisal Edges
Collapsed or Retruded Front Teeth
Missing Teeth

How does it work?
Each smile is designed individually and may require one or a combination of several techniques and materials. No two smiles are alike and each requires a customized solution.

Teeth are selectively contoured, and materials such as porcelain and resin are applied to the teeth to achieve the desired effect. This takes one to two visits in most situations and up to 4 visits where there are multiple aesthetic challenges and complexities. The appointments are usually a week apart and last about 1 to 2 hours.

The success of Straight White Teeth is the result of years of experience and expertise gained from transforming and beautifying thousands of smiles and managing many complex esthetic cases.

Why Straight White Teeth?
Here are a few reasons to consider Straight White Teeth:
Convenience. There is No Need to wear awkward braces for several years and the related inconveniences (multiple visits to tighten the wires) and self consciousness.
No Surgery or Extraction of Teeth
No Retainers. With conventional braces, retainers are worn for years (or even for the remainder of the patient’s life.) NO RETAINERS are needed with Straight White Teeth.
Lack Of Side Effects. Most patients do not experience any side effects such as bone loss or significant teeth sensitivity .
No Oral Hygiene Problems. As there are no messy wires and brackets, food does not get easily trapped and oral hygiene is easily maintained.
Stain Resistant - In fact, due to the smoother texture of the tooth surface after Straight White Teeth, teeth do not stain easily.
No Relapse. As the teeth are not moved at all with Straight White Teeth, there is no chance of them returning to their original positions.
Other Aesthetic Considerations. As we apply materials to the teeth, Straight White Teeth also whitens and enhances the texture, shape and proportion of the smile. Hence, there is no additional process required for whitening or bonding.
No Black Triangles - Between the teeth.
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