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Dr. Ernest Rex Tan had, through the growth of his cosmetic dental practice, the privilege of transforming and enhancing many of his patients’ smiles over the years. This involves the unique combination of artistry with cosmetic dental techniques to address the aesthetic concerns of the patient. Dr. Tan developed The Makeoverâ, a series of principles and cosmetic dental techniques that allows for a great outcome for each individual smile, leading to a significant impact on patients’ self image, confidence and quality of life. The Makeoverâ developed and employed by Dr. Ernest Rex Tan includes procedures Instant Straight White Teeth and the Smile Lift.

Your Smile – more than any other feature – is one of the first things people notice about you. Your Smile is the centre of expression and when its beautiful, you will exude confidence and happiness.

Paradigm Shift -  patients are seeing their dentists to enhance their appearance more than to fix problematic teeth. It is recognized that the  positive impact of a beautiful smile on their self image, confidence and quality of life is enormous
The employs several key features in our approach.

They are:
Instant Straight White Teeth
Smile Lift (anti aging cosmetic dentistry)
Laser Teeth Whitening
Smile Evalvation And Design System
Cosmetic Contouring and Reshaping
Advanced Application of Ceramic Veneers and Laminates
Composite Tooth Colored Materials
Dental Implants

Each smile is
individually designed to enhance your unique features. No one solution will work for every smile. We individually customize a suite of cosmetic dental techniques to enhance and makeover your smile. It may be simply laser whitening your teeth or a more comprehensive holistic approach to enhancing your smile to achieve straight, white beautifully shaped teeth.

Multiple aesthetic objectives / concerns are addressed together and take into consideration many factors such as age, gender, facial shape, skin tone and the patient’s personal preferences and personality among others.

Smile Problems and Solutions
Replace Missing Teeth
Close Gaps Between teeth
Straighten Uneven and Crooked Teeth
Whiten Stained and Discolored Teeth
Lengthen and Restore chipped, Worn and Broken  Teeth
Reshape Irregularly Shaped and Fanged Teeth
Widening  and Rebuilding Narrow and Collapsed Smiles
Re-contouring Gummy Smiles
Any and All of the Above in Varying Combinations
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