The Smile Lift
What is The Smile Lift?

The Smile Lift procedure corrects Collapsed Smiles due to Worn Teeth or Insufficient Support of the Lips & Cheeks. It also corrects Smiles that are Truncated at the Corners as the teeth beneath them are not ideally positioned and do not have an ideal shape that will give it natural fullness.

A key feature of the , The Smile Lift incorporates features that enhance and lift the corners of the smile to achieve a younger and fuller smile. Dark corridors at the cheek are given greater support to achieve the desired fullness. It is a great anti-aging Smile Solution that can take years off the Patient's Smile.

What are the conditions that The Smile Lift can correct?
  1. Smiles that appear collapsed due to insufficient support of the lips and cheeks.
  2. Smiles where the teeth are worn, chipped and very short due to years of wear and tear or from developmental defects.
  3. Smiles that appear truncated at the corners as the teeth at the corners of the smile are not ideally positioned and do not have an ideal shape that will give it natural fullness.

What can The Smile Lift Achieve?
  1. A younger and fuller smile: The dark corners and corridors of the smile are lifted and this gives the smile a fuller and more youthful appearance.
  2. The procedure will also help in lifting and giving more support to the lips and cheeks and therefore help lift the lower half of the face.
  3. The shapes, lengths, proportion of the individual teeth and the overall contour of the smile will also be enhanced to take years off the smile.

What are the benefits of The Smile Lift?
  1. No surgery is required and therefore there is no downtime.
  2. Greater confidence and self esteem and all the benefits associated with having a great smile.
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