Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening - The Gold Standard in Teeth Whitening

First Chairside Teeth Whitening Procedure in Singapore and Asia
Introducing one of its many Firsts, Dental Surgeons was the first dental practice in Singapore and Asia (excluding Japan) to offer the revolutionary Britesmile Laser Teeth Whitening technology in 1997. With its success in introducing the benefits of chairside teeth whitening in place of take home kits, Dental Surgeons remains the only practice to offer this technology, which remains the Gold Standard for Teeth Whitening. Its efficacies and effectiveness in removing both external and intrinsic stains, including tetracycline stains, up to a maximun of 8 -15 shades whiter on the VITA shade guide, leaving the enamel intact, is prove of the Laser Teeth Whitening system surpassing other light-based, chairside teeth whitening systems in the market.
Laser Whitening System Light Whitening Syetem (eg: Britesmile, Zoom Rembrandt etc.)
Uses an Argon Laser Uses an Arc Light
Focused – works on one tooth at a time. This leads to a precise delivery of the laser energy to the reagent on each tooth. Omni-directional – shines in general direction of the mouth and on all the teeth at the same time. Much of the energy gets dissipated.
Higher power intensity Lower power intensity
Results - up to 15 shades whiter Results – 3 to 5 shades whiter
Can remove some deep tetracycline stains Cannot remove deep tetracycline stains
Does not require patients to use  a home Maintenance Kit Requires patient to use a home Maintenance Kit
Duration – approximately 5 to7 years with proper care and regular dental check ups. Duration – approximately 1-2 years with proper care, home maintenance  and regular dental check ups.
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