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Straight White Teeth

Cosmetic Dental Services–Creating Straight White Teeth since 1997 in Singapore

SWT Straight White Teeth

The SWT Straight White Teeth procedure by Dr. Ernest Rex Tan – a trademark Smile Makeover offering at Smile Inc. – corrects Crooked, Misaligned, or Disproportionately Shaped Teeth; Gaps between Teeth or Missing Teeth; Protruded, Retruded, Twisted teeth or Collapsed Front Teeth to give you straight white pearlies in a 1-2 visit procedure. No Braces, Retainers or Aligners are required. No Surgery or Extraction of Teeth required. No fear of Relapses. No Oral Hygiene Problems associated with wearing braces, and is Stain Resistant.  A key feature, Smile Inc.’s SWT Straight White Teeth procedure employs the advanced application of carefully designed cosmetic dental techniques to align and beautify – crooked, crowded, gaps between teeth and other forms of mal-aligned teeth. No 2 sets of teeth are alike, and each treatment is formulated to suit one’s smile profile and facial symmetry. This series of principles and cosmetic dental techniques to enhance each individual’s smile, leads to a significant impact on patients’ self-image, confidence and quality of life.

Who is SWT Straight White Teeth For?

If you are an adult who is unhappy with your smile and the way your teeth look, but feel that wearing awkward braces or aligners for a number of years is too troublesome, time consuming and high a price to pay for straight teeth? SWT Straight White Teeth may be the solution to your problem. A whole new beautiful smile is created and severely crooked teeth straightened, whitened and shaped as opposed to years with traditional braces or aligners. Multiple treatment objectives are accomplished within a single procedure. The benefits are improved confidence and self-esteem which usually has a positive impact on your social and professional life.

What Conditions Can SWT Straight White Teeth Correct?

SWT Straight White Teeth Can Be Used To Correct Any One Or A Combination Of The Following:

  1. Crowded/Crooked Front Teeth
  2. Gaps between Front Teeth
  3. Protrusion of Front Teeth (Bucked Teeth appearance)
  4. Rotated and Twisted Front Teeth
  5. Disproportionately Sized Teeth eg: Overly Large Central Incisors
  6. Asymmetrical Shaped Teeth or Asymmetrically Positioned Teeth
  7. Poorly, Irregularly Shaped Front Teeth
  8. Sharp Fanged Front Teeth
  9. Jagged and Uneven Incisal Edges
  10. Collapsed or Retruded Front Teeth
  11. Missing Teeth
How Does It Work?

Each smile is designed individually and may require one or a combination of several techniques and materials. No two smiles are alike and each requires a customized solution. Teeth are selectively contoured, and materials such as porcelain and resin are applied to the teeth to achieve the desired effect. This takes one to two visits in most situations and up to 4 visits where there are multiple aesthetic challenges and complexities. The appointments are usually a week apart and last about 1 to 2 hours. The success of SWT Straight White Teeth is the result of Dr Ernest Rex Tan’s years of experience and expertise gained from transforming and beautifying thousands of smiles and managing many complex aesthetic cases.

Why SWT Straight White Teeth?

Here are a few reasons to consider the SWT Straight White Teeth Procedure:

  1. There is No Need to wear awkward braces or aligners for several years and the related inconveniences (multiple visits to tighten the wires) and self consciousness.
  2. No Surgery or Extraction of Teeth
  3. No Retainers. With conventional braces or aligners, retainers are worn for years (or even for the remainder of the patient’s life.) NO RETAINERS are needed with SWT Straight White Teeth.
  4. Lack Of Side Effects. Most patients do not experience any side effects such as bone loss or significant teeth sensitivity .
  5. No Oral Hygiene Problems. As there are no messy wires and brackets, food does not get easily trapped and oral hygiene is easily maintained.
  6. Stain Resistant – In fact, due to the smoother texture of the tooth surface after SWT Straight White Teeth, teeth do not stain easily.
  7. No Relapse. As the teeth are not moved at all with SWT Straight White Teeth, there is no chance of them relapsing to their original positions.
  8. Other Aesthetic Considerations. As we apply materials to the teeth, SWT Straight White Teeth also whitens and enhances the texture, shape and proportion of the smile. Hence, there is no additional process required for whitening or bonding.
  9. No Black Triangles – Between the teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening

The Gold Standard in Teeth Whitening compared to other whitening sources. Smile Inc.® introduced the first Teeth Whitening Procedure in Singapore and Asia in 1997, and this remains the most effective teeth whitening treatment even after 27 years. Our True Laser Teeth Whitening procedure whitens up to 12 whiter shades on the VITA Shade Guide and treats both external and intrinsic stains, including tetracycline stains. 1 single treatment. No Trays or Home Maintenance required.


What Is The Smile Lift?

The Smile Lift Improves Collapsed, Narrow and Unsupported Smiles which are due to Worn, Eroded, Misshapen and Mal-positioned Dentition. These conditions result in inadequate Support for the Lips and Cheeks which give the appearance of a Collapsed, Narrow and Aged Smile which does not have the natural fullness and contours of youth. The Smile Lift incorporates features that enhance and Lift the corners and contours of the smile to achieve a younger and fuller smile. Dark corridors and spaces adjacent to the lips and cheeks are given greater support to achieve the desired fullness. It is therefore a great anti-aging smile solution that can take years off the patient’s smile.

What Are The Conditions The Smile Lift Can Correct?

If you have one of the following conditions, The Smile lift may be just what you need:

  1. Smiles that appear collapsed and narrow due to insufficient support from the lips and cheeks.
  2. Smiles where the teeth are not visible when smiling.
  3. Smiles where the teeth are worn, chipped, eroded and very short due to years of wear and tear or from developmental defects.
  4. Smile that appear truncated at the corners of the smile as the teeth at the corners of the smile are not ideally positioned and do not have an ideal shape that will give it a natural fullness.
What Can The Smile Life Achieve?
  1. A younger and Fuller Smile: The dark Corners and Corridors of The Smile are lifted and this gives the Smile a fuller and more youthful appearance.
  2. The Procedure will also help in lifting and giving more support to the lips and cheeks and therefore help lift the lower part of the face.
  3. The shapes, length, proportion of the individual teeth and the overall contour of the smile will also be enhanced to take years off the smile.
What Are The Advantages Of The Smile Lift?
  1. NO surgery is required and therefore there is no downtime.
  2. It can be done within a single visit or over 2 visits depending on the complexity and extent of The Smile Lift.
  3. There is no relapse and the effects last many years with proper care and maintenance.
  4. Patients derive greater confidence and self esteem and all the benefits associated with a great smile.

Dr Ernest Rex Tan’s  consistent success with The Smile Lift is the result of years of experience and expertise gained from transforming and beautifying thousands of smiles and managing many complex aesthetic cases.

Periodontal plastic (aesthetic) procedures and Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smile Correction procedures are defined as cosmetic-related surgeries of the gingival (gum) tissues. These surgeries involve regenerative or reconstructive techniques designed to restore form and function and to enhance the overall aesthetic appearance when the patient smiles. When your teeth appear too short or your smile is too gummy, a crown lengthening procedure is indicated for removal of excess gum tissue to expose more of the crown of the tooth. This procedure is also prescribed in situations when gums cover too much of some teeth while may be just right on others, thus creating an uneven and un-harmonious appearance. Here, the entire affected gum line is sculpted to produce a more balanced gum contour to better blend with the surrounding teeth and smile line.  

(English) Smile Makeovers, Dental Crowns & Veneers

Smile Makeovers, dental crowns and veneers have their place in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Smile Inc.® employs the use of these conventional crowns and veneers for simple smile makeovers in situations where the requirements and dental conditions are ideal, and objectives are straight forward. Best of all, the cost of a smile makeover could be less than you think. Talk to us about the range of options available today.  For situations that are complex with multiple smile objectives, the suite of techniques employed in Dr Ernest Rex Tan’s SWT Straight White Teeth procedure would be needed to achieve the multiple aesthetic objectives for that brilliant smile. The cost of these smile makeovers depends on the extent of work required.