General Dental Services

Established since 1997 in Singapore, Smile Inc.® Dental Surgeons provides quality General and Specialist Dental Services with a multi-disciplinary approach to provide the best value to our patients.

Scaling & Air Polishing

Scaling & Air-Polishing (Prophylaxis) that keeps decay at bay and gets stubborn stains out. We implemented the use of the air polisher since 1997 for its effective and non traumatic method of removing stains and smoothening tooth and root surfaces. There is no friction, no heat and it reduces treatment time significantly which makes it more comfortable for our patients.

Mercury-Free Fillings & Tooth-Coloured Restorations

Mercury-Free Fillings & Tooth-Coloured Restorations to get that discoloured/chipped tooth into top form. The advent of stronger composite materials that can mimic the mechanical, physical and optical properties of tooth structure has allowed us to replace the use of mercury-based silver amalgam fillings. These tooth coloured restorations also enhance aesthetics and restore teeth to their natural form and function in a conservative manner due to their inherent strength.

Extractions & Wisdom Tooth / Teeth Removal

Extractions & Wisdom Tooth/Wisdom Teeth removals. Treatment of impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth trapped horizontally in the jawbone and/or gums as well as wisdom teeth that are unable to “erupt” above the gum line –can lead to inflammation and infection if left untreated. Our experienced surgeons are well positioned to remove them in a minimally invasive manner thereby requiring little recovery time. Intravenous Sedation by our in-house Specialist Anesthetist is also available for a stress-free and painless experience. For patients who are apprehensive or who prefer to have multiple teeth removed during one session, the option to have the treatment under sedation is available.

Children’s Dentistry

Smile Inc.® has always had a passion for children and their oral health. We started the first kids focused dental practice in 1998 with much success as our mothers were keen on having their children get started with the right dental care techniques. Our motto of starting kids young with good oral care habits was an instant success. For the past 25 years we have helped many children acquire good dental hygiene habits while they have grown up with beautiful and well maintained sets of pearlie whites. We continue to give our children patients a head start in their dental care. Our dental surgeons have a passion for children and for the last 25 years have managed and inspired many children to start their oral healthcare journey on the right foot. They have managed and helped the most apprehensive children overcome their fear and improve their oral health.

Managing Challenging Oral Health Situations in Apprehensive Children

We strive to avoid using sedation or general anesthesia to accomplish challenging procedures with our young patients as much as we can. Sometimes, having the experience, time and passion to help these young ones goes a long way in managing their dental conditions without needing sedation or general anesthesia.

Management of Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth Sensitivity is experienced by everyone at some point. They are our body’s defence mechanism against unfavourable stimuli to our teeth, that may in the long term cause progressive and irreparable damage. Teeth sensitivity may be mild to severe in intensity and may be fleeting or remain after the stimulus is removed.

Some of the Situations that Result in Teeth Sensitivity:
  1. Cold and hot temperature (eg: cold and hot drinks)
  2. Sweet sensation
  3. Pressure and impact (when chewing hard)
  4. Excessive brushing and flossing
  5. Caries
  6. Clenching and grinding (cracks and chipping)
Management Will Be As Follows:
  1. Identify the causative factor (diet, habits, pathology)
  2. Eliminate the causative factor
  3. Repair and restore the defects to protect and to sustain good oral health

Our years of experience in managing such situations will allow us to identify the cause/s and manage the issues successfully for a long term, sustainable result.

Management of Teeth Grinding

Excessive teeth grinding and clenching is common place. These conditions are caused by a myriad of reasons and affect both adults and children as well as both genders. Stress and genetics are attributable factors and preventive management is effective with adult patients.

Some of the Notable Signs of Excessive Grinding and Clenching Include:
  1. Pain in the jaw joints (TMJ) and associated muscles
  2. Cracked, chipped and fractured teeth
  3. Toothache related to fractured and infected teeth
  4. Traumatised and ulcerated lips and cheeks caused by the sharp edges of these chipped and fractured teeth
  5. Poor aesthetics
  6. Reduced facial height
  7. An Aging smile as the shorter worn and chipped teeth give this impression
The Solution Encompasses Several Treatment Modalities:
  1. Customised solutions for each individual patient to alleviate the clenching and grinding
  2. Comprehensive assessment and methods to restore teeth and occlusion (bite and chewing patterns) to reduce clenching and grinding and to protect teeth, reestablishing both form and function

From its inception, Smile Inc.® has made reconstructive dentistry one of its key strengths. Dr. Rex Tan, with his 30 years of experience, coupled with the employment of a multidisciplinary approach to provide the best comprehensive, sustainable and aesthetic outcome, is well placed for the management of all cases.

Management of Sports Injuries and Mouth Guards

In this age of healthy lifestyle pursuits – contact sports and martial arts have become popular amongst many of our adult and teen patients. Injuries sustained from contact sports are managed in a holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective. Protecting one’s teeth and jaws is an important preventive measure to ensure good oral health and safety. Smile Inc.® has been supporting our patients’ safety and sporting pursuits with customized and appropriately constructed mouth guards that are sports specific. The designs and materials are selected and customized to each individual’s jaws, teeth and sport to ensure maximal protection, flexibility and optimal performance.